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2013 October

W42 GmbH is part of Biotechnica in Hannover 8-10. October2013

Please visit us at D62 hall 9.


2013 September

In close cooperation with “DECHEMA Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main“ and „Surflay Nanotec GmbH, Berlin W42 Industrial Biotechnology GmbH has started the work on a project with the title Development of a microparticle based Bioprocess for the sustainable production of natural active pharmaceutical compounds by filamentous microorganisms”. This project is supported by DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, Osnabrück) for a period of three years.


2013 January

W42 Industrial Biotechnology GmbH starts business as enzyme manufacturer

In close cooperation with the Jiaozuo Joincare Biotechnological Co., Ltd. (www.joincare.com ) the production of soluble and immobilized technical enzymes for the global market was started in January 2013. The high-efficient and robust expression platform Pichia pastoris from W42 GmbH in combination with our DSP technology is used as basis to offer from now the supply from soluble and immobilized enzymes in kg up to ton scale. First enzymes available are two derivatives of the lipase B from Candida antarctica, which differ in specification for various technical applications. Furthermore the porcine L-aminoacylase for the production of racemic pure aminoacids is offered in high-quality.

The production of proteins on industrial level on sales order is additionally offered, whereby short development times will be realized, in the range of ½ a year from placing the order to delivery.



2012 November

W42 is partner of the EU-project "TargetFish"


W42 Industrial Biotechnology is member of a large collaborative project to be funded with 6 million euro by the European Commission 7th Framework programme (grant agreement no. 311993). The kick-off meeting took place in Wageningen (NL) on 5 - 7 of November 2012. For detailed information's pleasse visit




2012 January

Cooperation of W42 with VIBALOGICS for Recombinant Protein Expression


W42 Industrial Biotechnology has entered into an exclusive partnership with Vibalogics for the provision of protein production using the expression system Pichia pastoris. With this cooperation, quick strain development for high-level recombinant protein expression is offered. After stable genomic integration one can direct the protein either to the intracellular or to the extracellular compartment. Vibalogics offers process and analytical development of the developed strain and also small scale GMP productions. For more information please visit www.vibalogics.com




2011 December

W42 has started a project for the production of vaccine (animal health)


In an international cooperation W42 Industrial Biotechnology has started a development project for the production of a Virus Like Partikel (VLP) for vaccination of porcine. Special variants of the established Pichia pastoris expression system will be used for high-efficient production of VLP.




2010 September

Rational strain improvement for industrial Cephalosporin C (CPC) production


W42 Industrial Biotechnology has started the rational strain improvement of the industrial CPC producer Acremonium chrysogenum. By inactivation of selected genes and/or integration of additional gene copies the production pattern and total yield will be improved. First promising strain variants are already established for our partners in the P.R. China.