Process development – Isomaltulose production

Isomaltulose is a natural sugar present in honey and sugar cane having profound different effects on human physiology with multiple potential health benefits compared to sucrose. In comparison with sucrose and most other carbohydrates, isomaltulose is digested slowly and steadily by humans enabling a much more efficient physiological availability of carbohydrate because of smooth rise of blood-sugar and healthy use of the sugar-based energy. Furthermore isomaltulose is no substrate for oral bacteria causing significant lower risk for dental caries (tooth decay).

W42 is working on a state of the art industrial process for production of the “functional sugar” isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM) based on our powerful Pichia expression platform and enzyme immobilization technology. The new, smart technology will be much more efficient compared to the actual/traditional process resulting in significant cost reduction.

W42 is looking for industrial partners active in the sugar business, to optimize the process all through the different development steps in close cooperation with potential end users.